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Peak3 reduce and monitor emissions. Our specialisation is particulate and dust reduction in hazardous concentration zones. We don't just reduce emissions; we increase productivity and reduce costs.
Effective emission reduction is about solving the problem in the quickest and most cost efficient way. Ultimately, it is about saving lives and stopping unnecessary damage to equipment. Typically, 10% of your vehicles will produce over 50% of your particulates. Peak3 is a specialist in the monitoring and reduction of particulates so you don’t have to be.
Peak3's focus is particulate reduction and monitoring solutions in hazardous concentration zones. The company is a world leader in the development of Ultrasonic Particulate and Dust Management Technologies, as well as leading emissions monitoring and engine efficiency systems. Diesel is here to stay so, lets work to make them safe.
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Strengthening the Mining Industry

Founded in 2008, Peak3 is an Australian owned and operated business with its head office located in Brisbane. Peak3 started its operations by developing dual fuel (LPG & LNG) systems for heavy diesel engines.

In 2009 Peak3 changed the focus of the company to Diesel Emissions Management for the Mining, Heavy Transport and Energy sectors.

Peak3 engaged specialist scientists and engineers, formed collaborative agreements with research and development partners, leading research institutes and universities from around the world and as a result, Peak3 has become a world leader in applied monitoring, particulate management and diesel engine efficiency solutions and is recognised as a specialist in its field.

Customised programs developed by Peak3 are implemented by the mining sector to improve asset management, which overall increases productivity and reduces costs while, improving the working environment for employees. Engines performing well produce less emissions and use less fuel.

Peak3 is leading the way in whole-of-mine approach to emissions management by ensuring companies are compliant with regulations and are meeting industry standards while improving their business.  In June 2012 the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced diesel emissions are a Group 1 Carcinogen, this announcement has put pressure on the industry to ensure staff safe working conditions.

Peak3 core products and services

Using breakthrough technology, Peak3 has developed customised solutions for hazardous "confined space" diesel emissions and particulate reduction. In addition to developing our own proprietary technologies, we provide our clients with global best-of-breed monitoring, treatment and management solutions, setting the pace in reducing emissions, maximising productivity and improving working conditions in the industry.

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